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Impact Of The Smartphones And History Of Hidden Objects Games
Impact Of The Smartphones And History Of Hidden Objects Games

Nowadays as smartphones started to become more affordable worldwide, the online gaming (especially hidden object games) industry started rapidly to grow and experienced its own evolution. In this article, the main focus will be on the evolution of HOPAs, short for hidden-object puzzle adventure games. This genre started to evolve from 2005 to the present by the dominant publisher, Big Fish, which in its PC origins also had a player audience primarily made up of women over the age of 40, with their specific choices and needs. A lot of work went into getting developers, with their typical “gamer” appetites, to transition away from combat and into a plot, with story elements and gameplay focused on solving secret mysteries and puzzles. In the wider scheme of game evolution, the hidden-object puzzle adventure games can trace its roots to early text-based adventure games. But today’s typical HOPA player would likely shy away from the fantasy settings that characterize most early examples, such as Dungeon before the advent of personal computers and Zork afterward.

Find below the benefits of playing hidden object games:

Keeps your brain active and engaged : As we get older, our memories aim to fade – but playing hidden object games regularly can help keep them sharp. In fact, according to many studies playing puzzle games like hidden object games like Lynda’s Legacy helps keep your mind sharp. This is because they require players to focus on small details, remember where objects are placed, and think strategically in order to progress through the chapters. All of this mental stimulation helps reduce the risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease as we get older in life.

Enhance problem-solving skills : In most cases, searching the hidden objects requires the players to think outside the box and come up with the most effective solutions in order to progress through the levels.

Improved memory : This one is probably not a secret – remembering steps, items, and tactics that advance your puzzling and developing them further. As you play, you will need to memorize the location of different objects and how they fit together. This can help to improve your boost memory and attention span.

Prioritizing : Working in a sequence, analysing the situation and checking what needs to be done first. The better you get at analysing, segmenting and prioritizing the more efficient you will be with your solving the issue. As you are eliminating elements and grouping elements together to make the whole process, more efficient.

Provides social interaction : Puzzle games can also provide social interaction. If you play with friends or family, you can enjoy some friendly competition. This can help you to have a better relationships and make social interactions more pleasant.

Teaches you planning and strategy : Puzzles need you to think in time and plan your actions in order to achieve success. It is a needed skill in many aspects of our life, from personal to professional.

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