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Everything you need to know about Lynda’s Legacy: Hidden Objects
Everything you need to know about Lynda’s Legacy: Hidden Objects

If you love Hidden Object Games and epic adventure stories, Lynda’s Legacy will be your new favourite! Lynda’s Legacy, the stunningly beautiful Hidden Object Adventure Game set in the golden age of mystery and adventure! Gain experience as you advance from one mystery location to another, and play mini-games that help improve your logical thinking while being entertained.

Aside its intriguing gameplay, Lynda’s Legacy has unique gameplay and offers a true feast for the eyes in a real hidden objects environment as you can experience in this short demo:


Lynda's Legacy is a game made up of several parts. The game features a very interesting story that leads us through the many scenes filled with Hidden Objects. There is also a beautiful Valley which we have to clear and build on, as well as a Ranch where we will be taking care of some lovely horses. All of these parts form one complete game which is fun to play and will never make you bored.

The goal of our hidden object mystery is to find hidden objects and solve the mystery. Lynda is the main character in Lynda's Legacy. She is a brave woman who wants to solve the mystery of her father's murder. To do this she must search for clues and hidden objects. You'll have to play the hidden object mystery and find out what happens next in this hidden object game. 


Here are some of the best strategies for finding items faster in Lynda’s Legacy – Hidden Objects:

Team up with Golide the dog: Use Goldie's hint when finding hidden objects to find the most difficult hidden objects. Taking care of Goldie lets you to use her hint in the hidden object scenes. Find items for Goldie among the hidden objects and make her happy.

Don’t Search by Colour: Searching for items by their most common colour can make objects harder to find. For example, if one of the hidden objects is a police cap, then looking for a blue item within a scene will be not the best way to reduce the number of hidden spots.

Look For Oddities: Trust your first instincts. If there’s an area within the scene that stands out and catches your eye, odds are there is probably something hidden there!

Take Breaks: With many hidden object games, you have the option of leaving the scene and coming back to it later. This can be helpful if your eyes are getting tired or you are becoming frustrated trying to find the last item on the list.


Download Lynda’s Legacy Hidden Objects game on PC here or Android or IOS and get in on the mystery and drama!

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