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Lynda’s Legacy: Hidden Objects – Ready to solve thrilling mysteries
Lynda’s Legacy: Hidden Objects – Ready to solve thrilling mysteries

About Lynda’s Legacy: This game is one of the top rated hidden objects games for Android and IOS, created by the Macedonian company X3M Labs.  Lynda’s Legacy has unique game-play and story elements set in the glamorous 1930s. As a player you will need to follow the story, search for hidden objects and uncover the mystery behind the death of a family member. This game also offers cross word puzzle, match 3 games, mah-jong games and much more!

Search and Find: Every scene is unlocked with a certain amount of butterflies, written under the scene thumbnail in the scene select menu while it is locked. Besides the butterflies, to unlock the next scene you will also need to search and find the two clue items from the previous scene. When you fulfil these two conditions for unlocking the next scene the locked scene will become unlocked and ready to play. 

Enter and Renovate the Ranch: There is an abandon Family Ranch that needs to be renovated and once again ready for rearing horses. Lynda’s Legacy also features a horse ranch where you take care of horses, send them on events and earn rewards that help you to progress in the game. You can also enter the Horse Shop, where you will see which horses are available for purchase. Each horse has a specific price, and they are all bought with coins.

Energy Levels: Every hidden object scene requires energy to be played. You will need 30 units of energy for every scene you play. The way to get energy is through Daily Rewards, by finishing a hidden object scene, as a rewards form opening surprise boxes, by spinning the Wheel of Fortune, and by simply waiting for the Energy Bar to fill up. Your energy bar refills by one unit every minute. The maximum amount of energy you can have is 300 units.

Targeted Audience: This game is appropriate for adults and it’s a huge hit among mature, predominantly female audience between 35 and 50 years old.

Additionally, make sure to regularly visit the Facebook for Lynda’s Legacy. The Lynda’s Legacy team posts really engaging updates, important announcements regarding the new chapters and lots of free goodies for you to redeem in the game. For those who have yet to download this puzzle game, make sure to download Lynda’s Legacy on your Android or IOS phone, or play it on PC for free.

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